Thursday, August 30, 2018

Kamarius - Wake Up To Reality

Track from my album "Ambiomatic" which has been released these days. The full album is also a gift to my patrons and supporters. Many thanks and much love!
Also this album (and all others) is 20% off for the subscribers to my mailing list until the end of September. The discount applies also to the full discography and that makes a total of 50% off.

The songs from this album were not initially intended to be released as an whole project but just as music for media. But after some time I thought that some of my fans and friends will enjoy listening to something different than my usual albums, so here it is: a collection of ambient-cinematic tracks with a bit of drama and mystery. In-joy!
This album contains 21 tracks (16 tracks + 5 other bonus tracks which are mixes from other sources), and they are shorter than my usual songs from my other albums. The style of this album is hybrid ambient-cinematic, with more electronic sounds than acoustic or orchestral.

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