Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New album by Kamarius: Para Bhakti (2019)

Para Bhakti is an album containing five long tracks merging beautiful devotional vocals with beautiful rhythms and cinematic soundscapes, and a nice blending of ethnic and electronic sounds. Inspired by the fragrances of the Eastern culture in combination with the Western expressions of life and music, this album is an invitation for our hearts towards expansion and encompassing all the mystery of life, and bringing everything together as the manifestation of one being. It is an invitation to embody and express our deepest love and wisdom. In-joy!

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Saturday, August 24, 2019

New album: The Flow Of Life (2019) by Kamarius

THE FLOW OF LIFE (2019) is one of my eclectic albums combining #ethnic#ambient#electronic#cinematic#atmospheric #sounds with beautiful vocals. From modern electronic to Sufi music, from relaxing sounds to more dynamic rhythms, this album is a joyful celebration of life, love and beauty. In-joy!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New album: Gardens Of Delight (2019) by Kamarius

Gardens Of Delight is an album started almost 7 years ago and includes new projects and a few old and unreleased until now but very beautiful tracks. In this production I’ve made use of the sounds of the Bansuri - the Indian flute - combined with other ethnic and electronic instruments and with a touch of beautiful voices. 

It’s a joyful album evoking bliss and wellbeing, and also can be used for meditation, massage, yoga, or any spiritual practice. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

New album: Wheel Of Truth (2019) by Kamarius

Wheel Of Truth is a project that I had in mind for a long time and it is a work refined in a few years. Mystical and meditative, using sounds that evoke the Eastern culture and spirituality, especially Tibetan, this album is an ambient and meditative journey inside our own being, expanding and uplifting our consciousness. It’s an unfolding process of sonic alchemy sustained by nice rhythms for more than an hour and 45 minutes, and can be used also for meditation, massage, yoga, or any spiritual practice.
You can watch the video with a promo mix and also to have a listen and buy the album from the link below. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

New album: Enigmatic Traveler (2019) by Kamarius

I am glad to let you know about my new album: Enigmatic Traveler.
Here is a video with a promo mix of the album. 

It's an enigmatic and spicy album with ambient and ethnic flavors, and of course, with the usual evoking cinematic atmosphere. There are some sweet ambient vocals present along the unfolding of this album, but also a nice and powerful song with ethnic fragrance, and also a song with the vocals of Qawwali (Sufi) mystic touch. All in one, these sounds and music are for a heartful atmosphere. This album contains some works which are spread over a period of a few years, so it is a nice eclectic mixture.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kamarius - The Land Of Sunrise

One song from Ecstatic Realms (2019).

This album is released as name your price on Bandcamp:
Ecstatic Realms is an eclectic album with ambient and ethnic elements, but also with some neoclassical and cinematic atmosphere. The music and sounds invite us inside our being but also to look around with fresh eyes to find the beauty and ecstasy of existence.

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