Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kamarius feat. Anji Bee - Crossing The Pond (One of Milarepa's songs)

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  1. Lyrics (Anji Bee):

    Know ye not that this life is deceit?
    Know ye not that enjoyment is illusion?
    Know ye not the world is a passing show?
    Know ye not that happiness is a dream?
    Know ye not that praise and blame is insubstantial?
    Know yet not that appearance is the mind itself?

    Know yet not that the mind itself is Buddhahood?
    Know yet not that the Buddhahood is the body of truth?

    When ye reflect, all appearances are compacted out of mind
    Contemplate the mind by day and night
    From contemplation of the mind comes beatific vision
    Abide in that beatitude

    Know ye not that the body of truth is truth itself? (x2)

    When ye meditate upon these things
    Though ye do not succeed in rooting out desire and hatred
    Know that whatever appears is your own mind-stuff
    And that the mind itself is void
    If ye dwell in wisdom inseparably
    All the observances of the law, oblations, and the like
    Are thus perfectly fulfilled.

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