Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kamarius - Untouchable

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  1. Hi Kamarius!

    I just heard an amazing piece of music from you.

    Do you have some selections you would be open to including on a compilation album for massage therapists?

    I think it could be a fit based on the song I just heard, but you obviously know your music best...

    Details on how much you get paid and how all of that works are on the submit music page at:

    ==> http://www.musicofmassage.com/share-your-music/

    Background on me:

    I work with MusicOfMassage. We are looking for music to include on our compilation CDs for massage therapists.

    We like to include the world's most relaxing and peaceful music on our CDs.

    Based on what I've heard of your music so far, I think we could have a good fit here.

    Please submit as many tracks as you think would be perfect for massage therapists.

    Please also feel free to call or email me with any questions. Thank-you and I look forward to seeing what music you share!


    Jonathan Kraft (Certified Massage Therapist)
    (303) 847-0589